Wednesday, May 30

A great idea?



I really think that I could put a patent on this

method for using up scraps, don't you?



Monday, May 28

Our Summer Begins - Cottage Squares Dishcloth Pattern


     I have been working on this pattern for a few days. As I mentioned before, the style is a bit different from most all of my other cloths. I thought that this cloth would be better fitting for a contemporary kitchen. Contemporary is such a huge decorating factor right now. Even with my cottage look, little bits of modern elements are thrown in here and there. This cloth does mix in with my cottage look as well - and I was pleased about that!

     Keep in mind - I am a beginner - therefore my writing style is a bit unorthodox. If you have any questions about this pattern, please feel free to contact me. I consider myself a work in progress.  I would absolutely love to see any finished cloths you create from my patterns. I will post them here in my gallery when I have the opportunity.

Here is my Cottage Squares Cloth

aka: Colorblok Kitchen Cloth



This cloth is knit using the Intarsia Method. It is an excellent lesson for the begginer or intermediate. Why not give it a try?!

Size 6 US needles (4.5mm)
One Cable needle for center hobnail stitch.
4 colors of your favorite worsted weigh cotton yarn.

Stitches: knit, purl, slip stitch, one hobnail stitch for center of cloth.

Begin by taking your two main colors - a & b - and split them into 2 smaller balls of each color. You then have colors a1, a2, b1 and b2 , a small ball of color c and a scrap piece of color d. This pattern tells where to join the new balls of color, but for simplicity, after the initial join, refers to each ball simply as their original colors of a, b, or c. You simply pick up the color where it is left off. All slipped stitches are slipped knit-wise.

CO 40 sts with color a1
1 k5, p2, k26, p2, k5
2 k5, sl 2, k26, sl 2, k5
3 k5, p2, k26, p2, k5
4 k5, sl 2, k26, sl 2, k5
5 k5, p2, k26, p2, k5
6 k5, sl 2, k26, sl 2, k5
7 k5, p2, k26, p2, k5
8 k5, sl 2, k26, sl 2, k5
9 k5, p2, k26, p2, k5
10 k5, sl2, (begin color b1) k26, (begin color a2) sl 2,k5
11 k5, p2, (color b) p26, (color a) p2, k5
12 k5, sl 2, (color b) k26, (color a) sl 2, k5
13 k5, p2, (color b) p26, (color a) p2, k5
14 k5, sl 2, (color b) k26, (color a) sl 2, k5
15 k5, p2, (color b) p26, (color a) p2, k5
16 k5, sl 2, (color b) k26, (color a) sl 2, k5
17 k5, p2, (color b) p26, (color a) p2, k5
18 k5, sl 2, (color b) k26, (color a) sl 2, k5
19 k5, p2, (color b) p26, (color a) p2, k5
20 k5, sl 2, (color b) k26, (color a) sl 2, k5
21 k5, p2, (color b) p26, (color a) p2, k5
22 k5, sl 2, (color b) k26, (color a) sl 2, k5
23 k5, p2, (color b) p26, (color a) p2, k5
24 k5, sl 2, (color b) k26, (color a) sl 2, k5
25 k5, p2, (color b) p26, (color a) p2, k5
26 k5, sl 2, (color b) k7, (add color c) k12, (add color b2) k7, (color a) sl 2, k5
27 k5, p2, (color b) p7, (color c) k12, (color b) p7, (color a) p2, k5
28 k5, sl 2, (color b) k7, (color c) p12, (add ball b2) k7, (color a) sl 2, k5
29 k5, p2, (color b) p7, (color c) k12, (color b) p7, (color a) p2, k5
30 k5, sl 2, (color b) k7, (color c) p12, (add ball b2) k7, (color a) sl 2, k5
31 k5, p2, (color b) p7, (color c) k12, (color b) p7, (color a) p2, k5
32 k5, sl 2, (color b) k7, color c) p12, (add ball b2) k7, (color a) sl 2, k5
33 k5, p2, (color b) p7, (color c) k12, (color b) p7, (color a) p2, k5
34 k5, sl 2, (color b) k7, (color c) k12, (add ball b2) k7, (color a) sl 2, k5
35 k5, p2, (color b) p7, (color c) k7 [remove 2 sts from right needle onto a cable needle. Wrap color d around these 2 sts 6 times. Return sts to right needle, (color c) k5, (color a) p2, k5

36 k5, sl 2, (color b) k7, (color c) p12, (color b) k7, (color a) sl 2, k5
37 k5, p2, (color b) p7, (color c) k12, (color b) p7, (color a) p2, k5
38 k5, sl 2, (color b) k7, (color c) p12, (color b) k7, (color a) sl 2, k5
39 k5, p2, (color b) p7, (color c) k12, (color b) p7, (color a) p2, k5
40 k5, sl 2, (color b) k7, (color c) p12, (color b) k7, (color a) sl 2, k5
41 k5, p2, (color b) p7, (color c) k12, (color b) p7, (color a) p2, k5
42 k5, sl 2, (color b) k7, (color c) p12, (color b) k7, (color a) sl 2, k5
43 k5, p2, (color b) p7, (color c) k12 (color c will now be complete), (color b) p7, (color a) p2, k5
44 k5, sl 2, (color b) k26, (color a)sl 2, k5
45 k5, p2, (color b) p26, (color a) p2, k5
46 k5, sl 2, (color b) k26, (color a) sl 2, k5
47 k5, p2, (color b) p26, (color a) p2, k5
48 k5, sl 2, (color b) k26, (color a) sl 2, k5
49 k5, p2, (color b) p26, (color a) p2, k5
50 k5, sl 2, (color b) k26, (color a) sl 2, k5
51 k5, p2, (color b) p26, (color a) p2, k5
52 k5, sl 2, (color b) k26, (color a) sl 2, k5
53 k5, p2, (color b) p26, (color a) p2, k5
54 k5, sl 2, (color b) k26, (color a) sl 2, k5
55 k5, p2, (color b) p26, (color a) p2, k5
56 k5, sl 2, (color b) k26, (color a) sl 2, k5
57 k5, p2, (color b) p26 (end color b), (color a) p2, k5
58 k5, sl 2, k26, sl 2, k5
59 k5, p2, k26, p2, k5
60 k5, sl 2, k26, sl 2, k5
61 k5, p2, k26, p2, k5
62 k5, sl 2, k26, sl 2, k5
63 k5, p2, k26, p2, k5
64 k5, sl 2, k26, sl 2, k5
65 k5, p2, k26, p2, k5
66 k5, sl 2, k26, sl 2, k5
67 k5, p2, k26, p2, k5
68 k5, sl 2, k26, sl 2, k5
69 Bind Off

Finished Cloth (after washing) measures approximately 8 1/2 square.

Notes: The sample cloth pictured in blue and green has a border knit with the k5, p2 (w/s) odd row and k5 sl 2 even row pattern. This can easily be added to the pattern.

Please alert me if you should find any errors in this pattern. I will make every effort to correct them ASAP. 

Click here for the .pdf version

Don't forget to stop by and take a look at Elvish Leaves! It's wonderful!


A Memorial - and Now, It's Summer


     Memorial Day - the first weekend of summer and a somber day in so many ways. I think of all those who have lost family members not only in recent times, but in times past. I have an uncle who was killed in WWII. It was just a couple of weeks after he completed basic training. He was sent over seas and was killed on his first jump as a paratrooper. That is a life that I never new. Did he resemble my mom? Did he have great artistic talent that my aunts and uncles spoke infinitely about? What would have become of him if he were allowed to grow into a mature old age. Cousins that I never had ...  conversations that never took place. Only stories remained of how my mother, in her early 20s was watching a high school basketball game when uniformed gentleman came in to speak with her.

How many lives have been vanished? But the price that they paid, then - and to this very day - have allowed us to live in a place that has been filled with blessings of bountiful measure. In this lifetime, surely we will not understand. Let us never forget those who have lived and been lost. Let us never forget their faces and their families. To all of you families that are involved in the military - I send you my thanks and I send you my prayers.

To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3

Sunday, May 27

Colorblok Kitchen Cloth - Free Dishcloth Pattern


     Here is my newest cloth - The Colorblok dishcloth. I will be posting this pattern within the next day or two.

Have an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend and let us not forget those who have given so much.


Friday, May 25

A little contemporary change...

     This cloth is a bit different than what I have been knitting. My first attempt at intarsia knitting. It certainly does not look to be difficult, but oh the challenges of keeping those yarns from tangling! This was a very good exercise for me. I definitely need work on my tension, but for the most part, it was an excellent learning lesson. I am going to make a few changes and write this pattern up - so look for it soon.

     This cloth was a nice, contemporary change from all of my cottage cloths in the past. There are so many possibilities of color combinations - it is fun to think about it. So - if you ever thought about a beginner intarsia project, this would be a fun - short pattern. I am a terrible pattern writer! I lose my place every single time! It is not an easy job. Much respect to all of you authors!

I was paging through the photos of my KAL group and I ran across the watermelon cloth that I have linked to on this page. That is one cloth that I have not yet knit. I know that I have to knit this up very soon. The finished cloth looks adorable! Check it out here. Ooops, I just realized that you have to be signed in on your Yahoo group to view that photo. I guess that I will have to knit this up and post it. What better cloth for summer?

    We have been very busy around here. The end of our school year is just around the corner and thus we are wrapping up lots of loose ends. My son will be graduating from 8th grade next week. I asked him if I could hold him back so that I could enjoy just one more year of middle school, but he was not so keen on the idea. Somebody please give me more little ones to enjoy! We don't have any children under the age of 12 in my family and they are sorely missed. There is something in the commotion of small children that just brings life to a family...

Have a blessed day.


Wednesday, May 16

In Living Color (or Color Obsessed?)

     Besides my current KAL - this is what is on my needles. You can find the pattern by clicking on the picture - if  you are so inclined. This site is often times busy so keep trying!

      I love color - have I mentioned that before? I just received another order from Elmore-Pisgah. How does that happen... boxes mysteriously show up at my door? I can go without food on my table but the cotton yarn keeps on coming. How handy! You probably can tell from these pages that I like color a LOT. My yarn wardrobe is filled with every color from the color wheel - well, almost. I am considering trying my hand at dyeing my own colors as our season moves towards summer. One would never know by my clothing wardrobe that I love color so much, as it mostly contains black, white and various shades of taupe. I look at yarn colors in the same way that I look at my Prismacolor pencils - tools to create. Although my "yarn" tools are beginning to take up far too much space. They also collect kitty hair if I am not careful~

    (Skip this section if talking about color bores you!) My newest yarn colors are Peaches & Cream Baby Blue (which is about the nicest light blue that I have found so far), a cone of that yummy Pink Lemonade that I have used before, more Apple Green, and Butterscotch. I could have sworn that I ordered Celery! Those shopping carts! I also hunted down a discontinued a Sugar & Cream Celedon. Some members of my KAL were nice enough to help me out with tracking down a long lost discontinued color. Celedon arrived and was close to the color I was searching for. It was not the perfect match - it needs just a bit more yellow. I don't know if it was simply a different dye lot from the color I had the tiniest scraps of - or if the color that I was searching for was altogether a different color still. Let me get my Pantone swatches out here...Celedon is close to Pantone 372 while the color I am searching for is Pantone 386. Any ideas???

     I want to take a moment to thank all of you for stopping by, and for offering your words, comments and encouragement. As I often say... knitters are a wonderful group of people. I wish you a day filled with joy.


My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.

John 10:27



Sunday, May 13

Happy Mother's Day

      Oh the blessing it is to be a mother - or thought of - or loved and lifted up like a mom. Funny how one day we can feel like the best mom in the world, and other days we wonder if we can make it through. I lost my own mother nearly 12 years ago and although I have gotten used to her not being here with me on this Earth, is debatably at times, no easier. We simply need to trust in Him. He promises never to leave our side. I was reading once again about the Proverbs 31 woman and realizing how far from her I am. I thank God that he continues to mold me.

Her children rise up and called her blessed.

A member of my KAL group requested the pattern for this simple Windowpane cloth. Although, it indeed is very simple, it is great therapy knitting - and that can be so good for us! If you should find errors in this pattern, please let me know and I will correct them as quickly as possible.


Windowpane Cotton Dishcloth

1 ball kitchen cotton yarn of your favorite solid color. Needle size U.S. 5 (3.75mm) Needles
Stitches: Knit, Purl
Difficulty: Simple
Each odd row is worked on WS

*Finished cloth measures approximately a rectangular 9" wide by 8" high. If desired, an extra pattern set can be knit for a square cloth. I prefer a bit more of a rectangle to keep the size comfortable for use.

Cast on 45 stitches
Row 1 - Knit
Row 2 - Knit
Row 3 - Knit
Row 4 - Knit
Row 5 - Knit
Row 6 - Knit
Row 7 - *K5 P5 reapeat to last 5 sts K5
Row 8 and every even row: knit accross
Row 9 -  *K5 P5 reapeat to last 5 sts K5
Row 11 - *K5 P5 reapeat to last 5 sts K5
Row 13 - Knit
Row 15 - Knit
Row 17 - Knit
Row 19 - *K5 P5 reapeat to last 5 sts K5
Row 21 - *K5 P5 reapeat to last 5 sts K5
Row 23 - *K5 P5 reapeat to last 5 sts K5
Row 25 - Knit
Row 27 - Knit
Row 29 - Knit
Row 31 - *K5 P5 reapeat to last 5 sts K5
Row 33 - *K5 P5 reapeat to last 5 sts K5
Row 35 - *K5 P5 reapeat to last 5 sts K5
Row 37 - Knit
Row 39 - Knit
Row 41 - Knit
Row 43 - *K5 P5 reapeat to last 5 sts K5
Row 45 - *K5 P5 reapeat to last 5 sts K5
Row 47 - *K5 P5 reapeat to last 5 sts K5
Row 49 - Knit
Row 51 - Knit
Row 53 - Knit
Row 55 - *K5 P5 reapeat to last 5 sts K5
Row 57 - *K5 P5 reapeat to last 5 sts K5
Row 59 - *K5 P5 reapeat to last 5 sts K5
Row 61 - Knit
Row 63 - Knit
Row 65 - Knit
Bind Off
Weave in ends.

Click here for the .pdf version

*correction on 6/14/07

Tuesday, May 8

Lost in Illustrator

I will post the pattern for the Windowpane Cotton Dishcloth tomorrow on Friday or so. I just want to be accurate. This will be the first pattern I have actually written. Although I have designed a few simple cloths before, I have never gone through the somewhat tedious process of writing one down. I have a tremendous amount of respect for pattern writers knowing how long the process is! Be sure to check back!

Since we last visited, I finished the May KAL. It took me forever to figure out the pattern. I should have known by the color (yellow) what the design would be. It was tricky deciphering which side was the bottom. Of course Daffodils are the perfect design for a Spring cloth!

I absolutely am in love with Adobe Illustrator. As you can see, if you have read Coming Unravelled before, I am playing around with the design of my pages. I could spend days and days on Illustrator. Well, I have actually done that. I don't get much knitting done when I do that, however, so I have to physically pull myself away from here...

I have mentioned before this very helpful site for blogging tweaks.

Tips for New Bloggers

Two of my favorite tweaks were creating a Favicon and alternating the background of my pages.

As I said, I can get lost in this artsy technical mix. A good lost though. As long as I can keep knitting!

Anyway... does anyone even read this stuff???

Here is one more cloth I recently completed. This is another Multiband cloth. I chose the colors to co-ordinate with my cottage painted mug that I really loved. In a discloth, however, the colors are, wouldn't you say? I am not quite sure if I like it yet. I love the idea of using up my bits and pieces of yarn though.

I have to run to work, but I will be back later to correct my mistakes and to add something more. Be well!


If My people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

I Chronicles 7:14,


Saturday, May 5

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

Take my survey - see? Right over there... on the left column. I have had some questions on patterns for a few of the dishcloths that I have knit. Here are the cloths that have gained interest. I will be sure to post the patterns in a few days - so be sure to check back! And don't forget to leave a note if you have any questions OR, as always, ideas.


Friday, May 4

The Post Week of Prom

Yesterday was the National Day of Prayer. I attended a breakfast where the keynote speaker was a professional athlete. It is amazing how God uses people with that natural magnetism to His glory! It was truly an inspiring journey to listen in on!

Lots has happened during this last week. Prom happened. The day was absolutely perfect. One never knows what a late April day will be like, here in the Midwest. The day was lovely, but most of all, my D had fun as did all of her friends. Funny how teens are so sophisticated looking with their hair perfectly coiffed,  nails done, dresses altered and pressed... and just as soon as they gather together - whoosh! They are slouching slang-tossing kids again. But they looked lovely, with the colors of their dresses reminiscent of Easter eggs. Most of these kids are softball or baseball players so we meandered down to the diamond for pictures. It really was cool.


We had graduation pictures on Monday. 4 and 1/2 hours! What an ordeal! I think that my photo session lasted for an hour or two at the most! I thought that the digital age was supposed to "streamline" things???

I have had requests to write the pattern for the mulit-colored ballband cloth that I have shown here. Perhaps I can do that within the next few days.

As always, I am looking for dishcloth patterns that are different, so if you find one that looks interesting... send it my way! Speaking of knitting... has anyone figured out the May dishcloth KAL yet? We are nearing the bend on it and I still do not know what the picture is. Call me a little slow...

Be well and enjoy your day.