Thursday, September 27

There and back again

    So what does one write about after being on blogcation for quite some time? What does one talk about after running away from home? I could simply start from where I left off and methodically converse about each and every thing that has been going on here in my Coming-Unravelled world ... ? Well, school is back in session...

No, I think not. I don't want to bore you all to tears! ~ Let's simply begin with today.

And this day is brilliant. I absolutely adore autumn. I could live with cooler, crisp and dry air like this for 10 1/2 months out of the year. The light reflecting off of the now changing leaves paints a million different colors to absorb. How can one help but be inspired?

I wish that I could tell you that I have been knitting up a storm - but that would not be factual. Yes, I have touched my needles, I have moved them from the sofa the floor and back to the table. I have started two Irish Hiking Scarves. And, after three tries, I am now a member of the knit along. Yippee! Accountability! My first two requests to join the IHS knit-along ended up in the spam folder. After writing my request from a different email address, my letter was accepted and I am now a bona fide member!

Knitting - am I speaking of knitting? I want to pass out my kindest thoughts to these special knitting bloggers. You have been so kind to me while I have been absent. Checking in here and there... or sending me a note. Mostly, not leaving me for dead! Who would ever have thought that one could develop friendships with others simply by sitting at the keyboard and typing? Well, after all, I say to myself, that exactly what happened with Kay and Anne from Mason-Dixon Kntting! The sky is the limit, right??? Thank you to Mrs. B, to Lynne from I was knit together in my mother's womb, to Sylvia (she doesn't knit but she wishes she could. .. I will have to send her a few cloths), and to a newfound friend, Corinne at Craftyloca and to all you members of the academy. OK, let's not go overboard. ~

So, here is what I have been "not" working on...

     I can't believe that I couldn't even finish my row before I put this down! Bad knitter! But what you see here is an in-process Accidental Bobble Cloth with 2 colors, a Grid dishcloth in Pink Lemonade and an Irish Hiking Scarf in wool - I will have to check on that color way. It is not the best for a cable cloth but I wanted to try it out. The yarn is Plymouth Yarns Gallaway ... and I can see that I will need to be careful not to unintentionally felt it when I wash it.

And, it's Homecoming Week at my daughter's high school. She is a senior this year. I woke up to find toilet paper covering our trees. Hmm... and I thought that I was standing guard over our yard. They have gotten pretty sly about their timing! Here is what my yard looks like AFTER I cleaned up everything that I could reach.

I will write more later - I will. I will! I should be quite rested, after all. ~



Friday, September 14

Falling into... fall of course!


No, I haven't moved, I haven't been on vacation, I am not ill - just busy!If I had to label it I would say that I was on a Blogcation. So come back later today and I will fill you in!

Trust in the Lord with all heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.

Proverbs 3:5-6

. . .