Thursday, August 23

Colors and inspirations

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   Often times I am complimented on the color combinations that I use in my kitchen cloths. Many of you have commented on how cheerful, fun or playful some of my cloths are...

Well, how DO I decide on colors? I will let you in on a little secret, but don't tell anyone or my reputation will be ruined. :) In actuality, I am a graphic designer and I love working with color. (Even though my wardrobe mostly consists of black!) But sometimes even I have difficulty in either deciding on or visualizing a color combination. This is what I do for inspiration when I am stumped...

...Think about something in your possession or that you have come across that you absolutely love. A piece of clothing that makes you feel like a million bucks or an upholstered piece of furniture you love to have in your room. Is there a fabric handbag that simply makes you smile? Perhaps you have passed a bolt at the fabric boutique that you adore but you don't know why. Chances are that the color combinations caught your attention. Sometimes those very colors can play a role in your attitude and can even reach out and inspire you!


The Log Cabin dishcloth and my tulip vase.


To create your next work, why not simply emulate the colors contained in your "favorite" whatever-it-was??? There is essentially no visualization involved, since the concrete color evidence is right there in front of your eyes. If it is not portable - simply snap a picture of it to capture the color essence. This is also a great way to try something a bit more trendy using contemporary color combinations. Home decorating, fashion, nature and even food combinations are fair game! Sometimes I target color combinations found when knitting from a particular variegated yarn. I pull two or three colors out that I love when knitted next to each other.

Now sit back, reach from your stash and start painting with yarn.

Be a Picasso.

Here are a few of the inspirations that I have used recently:

Multi-band dishcloth and my latest handbag.


One of my favorite coffee mugs and a Multi-band dishcloth.


   I added a new venture to my knitting repertoire. Simple + Elegant + Functional = Winner! The Irish Hiking Scarf. The next logical step after learning cables from my latest KAL. I am enjoying this very much. Of course there is much more knitting involved - 62 or so inches, but a pattern that can easily be memorized. Thus far I have just about 14 inches accomplished. Some of the scarves that I have seen were so luxurious and beautiful that I simply was itching to try.

Here is my knit-a-long for August using Bernat Organic Cotton in Olive:

and here is my latest project, yes, The Irish Hiking Scarf which I simply consider to be an "extra long dishcloth." I am knitting two, but the pictured scarf is in Cotton Tots which is extra soft.

Oh - and rumor has it that Hakucho is doing some great things for the environment. Take a look at this!

And last but not least - here are a couple of photos of recent cloths that I knit using Sugar & Cream Pinky Stripes yarn. It was fun knitting these up but I think that after a time, this yarn would tend to make most cloths look the same. I must say that there were beautiful pinks! I wish that Lily would make the pastel pink that they use in this yarn as their soft pink. I was never a fan of the S&C Rose. The patterns that I used here are The Accidental Bobble Cloth and The Grid Pattern.

Have a lovely day-into night and my wishes are that I may have inspired one of you in the tiniest way and not just in the area of knitting! Thank you for stopping in to take a peek at this little corner of my life.

Sneak previews -

Coming next: Baby care instruction tag


Coming soon: My blog contest - Prizes!


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Friday, August 17

So long heat

     I am so thankful that our heat here in the Midwest has finally subsided. Although I am able to leave at will I begin to feel like a prisoner in my own home! Yes... I even anticipate autumn! God has a way of preparing us, doesn't He?


I am frequently away. In October, we will be going to Atlanta to finish our spring buying. This is my only remaining haven where I can get my baby fix. There are no babies in our family right now and we all miss it so much.

So as a single mom, artist, and a knitter, you can see why I can keep (too) busy. You should see my laundry pile! But  I thank the Lord each day for my sister. Without her, I could not function.

Here is the final cloth that I was working on earlier in the week:

And here are the colors that I used for this cloth from top to bottom:

Main background color: S&C Warm Brown

S&C Rose

S&C Shell Pink

S&C Hot Pink

S&C Geranium

P&C Pastel Pink

S&C Rose

S&C Shell Pink

S&C Geranium

S&C Hot Pink

S&C Geranium

S&C Shell Pink

S&C Hot Pink

P&C Pastel Pink

S&C Geranium


I have added something new to my left sidebar. Often times in my path, I come across so many people who have prayer needs or those whom God has placed on my heart to pray for. "Keeping you in prayer" is for those very precious people who I lay before God in prayer. Stella is a 2 year old girl, living in California that I was made aware of last week. She was just diagnosed with Leukemia. I pray that the Lord grants wisdom to all those in place of decision-making where her health is concerned. I also ask the Lord to grant comfort - even in unknown circumstances - to her parents.


If you have knowledge of someone that needs prayer or someone that God has laid on your heart, or you, yourself needs prayer, please comment me or drop me a note so that I may add these to this prayer circle If you would like to take the "Keeping you in prayer" button to your blog, please feel free to take it. I will update or change the button as necessary.


Soon I will be posting my baby care instruction tag which was pictured in a prior post - and in the not-to-distant future, I hope to be adding a free pattern. Does anyone have an opinion on the wording of that baby tag? Should it be for a baby washcloth, or should the text be worded more general so that it could be used for a baby blanket or other cotton baby items as well? Your thoughts requested :)


Thank you for visiting me here in this little world. I so much appreciate your words! Be blessed on your weekend and make the most of these last summer days.



"Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me".


Psalm 51:10

Monday, August 13

Again & again: Ballbands

     One of my all-time favorite kitchen cloths has got to be the beloved Ballband cloth. I just love the colors, the texture and the over all appeal of this cloth. Perhaps it is simply that it looks so complicated and it is so easy to knit. Especially in the eyes of a non-knitter. In a way it is a well kept secret in the knitters bag of tricks. Here are my latest Ballband projects. I am knitting several of these as gifts for 20 something girls. One set as a birthday gift and a set of them for a wedding shower gift. The top photo below is simply my stash of cloths to choose from when the need for gift-giving arises.

     It is not that I particularly enjoy knitting these because the color changes take a bit of extra time... especially if I use a wide variety of colors. But I can easily overlook that when I can enjoy the finished projects. I don't believe that I have ever knit the same color way twice. This truly is one of my favorite scrap-busting projects, although weaving in thirty or so ends is also time-consuming, it is well worth it.

     What are your favorite "dishcloth recipes"? Why not post them to my flicker group? The link can be found on the lower left of this page.


Monday, August 6

Whimsy Dishcloth Care Tag


A new care instruction tag. As promised - with blessings.

Click here for my Whimsy Care Tag in .pdf format

These templates are formatted for an average printer. If your tag does not print out aligned properly, you can tweak it in Acrobat when you set it up to print. Please let me know if you encounter any problems with these files. I am still trying to find the best way to suit you! Do you prefer to download the front and back separately, or do you like to download these tags in one file? I will photograph ways to attach and use these tags, so check back to see them!

I was asked why I wrote the instructions to remove when "nearly" dry... It is a preference. Being just a bit damp, the cloths are easily re-shaped if necessary. Dishcloths are fine if they are dried fully - I simply chose the former for a little TLC.

If you need a refresher course on how to print and cut these tags, see this post.

Here is a sneak peek at my next care tag which is coming soon!

God is so good! He has blessed me and it makes me happy to bless you with occasional "goodies" to make your projects complete. I am compiling a library of tags - so check back frequently!

Now - I simply must take some photos of my latest knitting projects or you will think that I have been slacking! Trust me, I haven't been. At least not in the knitting department. Now if you ask me about the house cleaning department... well, not so much!

I think that I need to read Sylvia's Blog. What an inspiration you are, Sylvia... I want to meet you! I can see joy in everything you do.

And don't forget to check out Tea's latest cloths! They are absolutely lovely!

Thank you for de-lurking and commenting on my last post. I love to meet my readers.





Saturday, August 4

A new post. What-do-you-know!

    After many days away - I am back. Tell me how you have all been? Are you savoring these late summer days - as I am? We were away at market, purchasing inventory for our boutique. In a way it is very much like a treasure hunt, searching for those perfect hidden things. Sometimes they can be found and sometimes they remain elusive. We again will be at market next weekend and then again for many days in October in Atlanta.

     AND - The Knitorious Mrs. B was (clearing throat) kind enough to play the game of Wikipedia tag with me. She tagged me. What she doesn't know is how much I enjoy this game (not!) ! Well, thank  you very much Mrs. B, I will just have to find a way to return the favor! :) So - my point is - if you reading this right now - consider yourself tagged and here are your rules:

Go to Wikipedia and type in your birth month and date, then post 3 events, 2 births and a holiday to list on your blog. Afterwards - tag however many others you would like. OR, take the non-invasive way out and post it to your readers like me! :)

So - here we have it!

September 11


Formation of the World Wildlife Fund. 1961

U.S. President Jimmy Carter, President Sadat of Egypt, and Prime Minister Begin of Israel met at Camp David and agreed on a framework for peace between Israel and Egypt and a comprehensive peace in the Middle East. 1978

 The attack on the World Trade Center. 2001



Acoustic Guitarist - Leo Kottke


Patriot Day (USA) - Anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

So - there you have it! Now go out and get 'em all you taggies!


I promised to post another hang tag for your dishcloths. My whimsical care instruction tag, remember? I can barely remember because it was so long ago! But I will be posting it yet today or tomorrow Monday. Promise.

Be blessed on this day!

I would love it if each and every one of you would come out of hiding and post a comment. I have a lot of catching up to do myself!