Tuesday, May 8

Lost in Illustrator

I will post the pattern for the Windowpane Cotton Dishcloth tomorrow on Friday or so. I just want to be accurate. This will be the first pattern I have actually written. Although I have designed a few simple cloths before, I have never gone through the somewhat tedious process of writing one down. I have a tremendous amount of respect for pattern writers knowing how long the process is! Be sure to check back!

Since we last visited, I finished the May KAL. It took me forever to figure out the pattern. I should have known by the color (yellow) what the design would be. It was tricky deciphering which side was the bottom. Of course Daffodils are the perfect design for a Spring cloth!

I absolutely am in love with Adobe Illustrator. As you can see, if you have read Coming Unravelled before, I am playing around with the design of my pages. I could spend days and days on Illustrator. Well, I have actually done that. I don't get much knitting done when I do that, however, so I have to physically pull myself away from here...

I have mentioned before this very helpful site for blogging tweaks.

Tips for New Bloggers

Two of my favorite tweaks were creating a Favicon and alternating the background of my pages.

As I said, I can get lost in this artsy technical mix. A good lost though. As long as I can keep knitting!

Anyway... does anyone even read this stuff???

Here is one more cloth I recently completed. This is another Multiband cloth. I chose the colors to co-ordinate with my cottage painted mug that I really loved. In a discloth, however, the colors are rather...um....bright, wouldn't you say? I am not quite sure if I like it yet. I love the idea of using up my bits and pieces of yarn though.

I have to run to work, but I will be back later to correct my mistakes and to add something more. Be well!


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I Chronicles 7:14,



hakucho said...

Love your daffodil cloth. It's so pretty...my mother would have loved it...daffodils were one of her favorite flowers.

happy knitting :)

Tea said...

Beautiful cloths! Appreciate the tips for new bloggers, we need all the help we can get.:)


As I am already obsessed with knitting ballband cloths, your multiband cloth appeals to my compulsion to use up every scrap of SNC/PNC yarn leftover! Lovely color combos! You have a great color sense!