Saturday, May 5

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

Take my survey - see? Right over there... on the left column. I have had some questions on patterns for a few of the dishcloths that I have knit. Here are the cloths that have gained interest. I will be sure to post the patterns in a few days - so be sure to check back! And don't forget to leave a note if you have any questions OR, as always, ideas.



hakucho said...

I love all your dishcloths...but my favorite is your ballband...very creative to do it with various band widths :)
I tried to take your survey, but I wanted to check off all but one and it wouldn't let me :(

happy knitting :)

DawnK said...

I love your multi-band dishcloth! Do you have that pattern somewhere? It would be a good way to use up the leftovers of yarn, that you are always left with!