Friday, May 4

The Post Week of Prom

Yesterday was the National Day of Prayer. I attended a breakfast where the keynote speaker was a professional athlete. It is amazing how God uses people with that natural magnetism to His glory! It was truly an inspiring journey to listen in on!

Lots has happened during this last week. Prom happened. The day was absolutely perfect. One never knows what a late April day will be like, here in the Midwest. The day was lovely, but most of all, my D had fun as did all of her friends. Funny how teens are so sophisticated looking with their hair perfectly coiffed,  nails done, dresses altered and pressed... and just as soon as they gather together - whoosh! They are slouching slang-tossing kids again. But they looked lovely, with the colors of their dresses reminiscent of Easter eggs. Most of these kids are softball or baseball players so we meandered down to the diamond for pictures. It really was cool.


We had graduation pictures on Monday. 4 and 1/2 hours! What an ordeal! I think that my photo session lasted for an hour or two at the most! I thought that the digital age was supposed to "streamline" things???

I have had requests to write the pattern for the mulit-colored ballband cloth that I have shown here. Perhaps I can do that within the next few days.

As always, I am looking for dishcloth patterns that are different, so if you find one that looks interesting... send it my way! Speaking of knitting... has anyone figured out the May dishcloth KAL yet? We are nearing the bend on it and I still do not know what the picture is. Call me a little slow...

Be well and enjoy your day.



bsweetre said...

I've done all of the rows through day 5 and I still can't figure out the May dishcloth KAL. I'm a little disappointed. I've been surfing to see if anyone else has it figured out.

CeElle said...

I am glad that I am not the only one! I am sure that when I find out - it will be so obvious I will wonder where my mind was. :)