Sunday, July 15

Making time to make time

     Have you been wondering where I am?? I have been wondering where I am too. As usual, life continues to take unexpected turns and detours. Aside from the calamity of a summer holiday - the 4th of July - my father was hospitalized with a mild heart attack. My dad is 90 - so this was no small worry. A stint was inserted and all is OK for now. Dad lives alone so arranging our schedules to spend time with him each day takes  involvement. Prior to this, we made regular visits but now, our time together has to be even more diligent. I come from a family of 8 children, however only 4 of us live in the immediate area. Of the 4, it is 2 of us that are the most involved. As much as we would like to move him from his home - the home we all grew up in - it is providing to be a great challenge. He is acutely sharp and  although slightly physically limited, he is otherwise independent.

Softball, baseball, merchandise markets, jam-making, home projects and of course knitting - are a few of the other time consuming commitments. The first on my list needs to be spending more time in the Word of God. Please, Lord, help me be focused because I need You.

I will be back later for a more in-depth catch up.




Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Your Dad and your entire family will be in my prayers.

I hope you have a very good week this week!

Sylvia said...

Thinking of your family, you and your Dad this week CeElle, praying that decisions are met with approval.