Thursday, July 5

These are some Rockin' Gals!

     As I said in my last post, Hakucho - the most Rockin' Girl Blogger ever, awarded me the Rockin' Girl Blogger. Now, my job is to pass this to other Rockin' Gals that I read. That is a very big responsibility because there are so very many wonderful blogs out there!


... Choose your button!

Here are my Rockin' Girl Blogger honorees:

Smariek Knits - who has a wonderful blog about knitting and her life. She is in the middle of a crazy time here with a transition to a new home... so check out her blog!

Knitting Iris - Simply put - Eye Candy.  Interesting, fun and grounded. I love her blog!

Lynne at I was knit together in My Mother's Womb - awesome, warming, positive, encouraging and talented. Need I say more?

Knitting and Praying - Shelly - who's photographs of nature and things are breathtaking! Shelly has an incredibly revealing blog through life's paths.

Leslie at Whimsy is a inspiration for creativity! Her projects inspire me to expand my horizons!

So there you have it. Why not check them out - and expand your horizons???

I did, incidentally, check out the history of this "award". If you are curious, read more about it here.


Coming soon:

The Accidental Bobble Cloth pattern

Whimsical Dishcloth Tags


May blessings line your path today.



hakucho said...

Very interesting knowing the history behind the "award"! I love what you did with the button :)

Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Thank you so much for finding me and listing my blog. I'll try to get a button on my blog in the morning.
I am honored!

Have a wonderful and blessed upcoming weekend.


Lynne said...

Oh, my goodness! Thank you so much! I have been described as many things, but never Rockin'! I have to go to my blog right now and write my acceptance speech!

smariek said...

Thank you very much for the nomination. And also the link to the origins of the award.