Wednesday, July 18

Blueberries, Blessings and Bobbles

       I FINALLY made the time to complete my pattern writing for the Accidental Bobble Cloth. (Scroll down to find the pattern) Here is the story behind it...

     I wanted to take a short break from more complicated patterns so that I could have a small project on the needles to knit-on-the-run. I didn't want to have to grab a pattern. I wanted something to knit in the car while waiting for the kids. Grandmother's Favorite is OK, but I wanted something that looked a bit more complicated and desired something without the "lace around the edge. I thought, why not knit the increases along the middle for a change. And.. why not create it without the lace. I knew that knitting the yo's in the reverse direction created fabric without the holes. As I knit up my first piece, I was delighted to find that I was creating a right angle cloth. I never knit such a cloth in the past - so I am not aware of how a right angle cloth is actually knit - but my little cloth was perfect for what I wanted it for. I added the bobbles for a little whimsy and The Accidental Bobble Cloth was born.

     Recently when my dad was hospitalized, I found that this cloth was absolutely perfect for meditating and prayer. I could concentrate on who I was praying for while not worrying about counting any stitches. In fact, I could basically feel my way through the stitches if the lighting was low or minimal. So.. .the first bobble is prayed for the person (or persons) you are knitting for. The fabric you knit is worked in prayer... and the three remaining bobbles are the Father - the Son - and the Holy Spirit. I consider this cloth to be like a mini prayer shawl. I can't handle that large project right now - but I can handle cheerfully this small project. Faithfully. In prayer.

* * *

So - here is my Accidental Bobble Cloth:

The great thing about this cloth is that there is very little counting necessary. In fact the only counting needed is in the cast on stitches. Even the bobbles can be knit by sight! I hope you have as much fun knitting this as I did.

Difficulty: Simple!
Materials needed: Size 6 (4.25 mm) circular or flex needles are easiest, although straight needles will work. 1 ball of your favorite kitchen cotton worsted yarn.

yo=yarn over (all yo will be worked counter clockwise)
MB = (Make Bobble) k into front, back & front of stitch, slide stitches onto right needle, turn work. p3, turn. k3 turn. p3 turn. sl1, k2tog, psso. *To make extra large bobbles, add one more k3 turn, p3.

Cast on 3 sts

row 1. k1, MB, k1
row 2. k2, yo (all yo are worked counter clockwise), k1
row 3. k2, yo, k2
row 4. k3, yo, k2

Continue working this stitch pattern with each yarn over stitched AFTER your previous row yarn over. You will knit approximately 65 rows or until your cloth measures approximately 8 inches square.

Casting off: MB, knit to just before your last rows yo, MB, yo, continue binding off to last 2 sts. MB, complete cast off. Break yarn and weave in ends.

* Click here for The Accidental Bobble Cloth .pdf

Note - this PDF file contains two variations to this pattern. The Baby Bobble Cloth and The Spa Scrubber Cloth.

Please keep in mind that I am not a professional pattern writer. If you should find an error - please alert me so that I may correct it as quickly as possible. This pattern - as all of my patterns are free and intended for non-profit use. You have my permission to post it on your site if it accompanies a direct link to this post or the pattern on this site. Very soon I will be posting my whimsical dishcloth care tag.

*Slight Correction made on 7/18 at 6:42 EST - not to the pattern itself.

I thank you so much for visiting this little corner of my life.

"Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you"

1 Peter 5:7

Trust in His Words, for they are true.

 I may have mentioned that I I love summer. If I haven't yet spoke of my love - well - I love summer. And I love the bountiful pleasures and fresh local foods that it brings. Like little squirrels, we begin to use and to store things that bring us back to these days of summer in the very midst of winter's cold sting.

    After making jam earlier this month with ooodles and ooodles of strawberries, now our blueberries are taking their turn. I indulged in my first fresh blueberry pie. It was wonderful! I can tell you that I will need a bit more practice on the crust - but the pie was a dream to eat. I used this delicious and easy recipe. Homemade Blueberry Pie.

     I also made lots of blueberry jam. I already gifted several jars. It is especially good for my neighbors! Good thing because I have so much in my freezer right now I can't fit much else in. We have lived here now for 12 years. That's lots of years for my neighbors to hear exactly how I discipline my kids. I consider it "silence" gifting!

     Thank you so much to all of you that have offered your well wishes, thoughts and prayers for my dad. He is recovering quite well right now. Our follow up doctors visit in in 10 days. We continue to pray about his living situation. He is amazing. I still remember the days so very long ago - that he would gently take out the tangles in our long hair. Mom was always in a hurry - she had lots of hair to comb!  Dad would offer welcome relief to that nasty rubber band!





Glad your Dad is doing well! Knitting is such a blessing during difficult times!
Thank-you for so kindly posting your ABC patterns. Besides knitting the Ballbands I am also enamored with those mitered squares that are in the Mason-Dixon Knitting Book! Speaking of Ballbands, have I told you how much I just ADORE THAT YOU ARE BREAKING TALL HE RULES AND RAMDOMLY KNITTING YOURS WITH SCRAPS!! SIGH! I'm proud to call myself a knitter!

Tea said...

I love the simplicity of your Accidental Bobble Cloth. Can't wait to make this one. Keeping your dad in my prayers. :)

hakucho said...

Love your accidental bobble cloth and I really like how it doubles as a prayer cloth too :)

Get well wishes for your Dad...he's in my prayers.


I've just updated my blog, and guess what! You've been tagged!!!!


Hi again! I've been tagged for some fun by Lacey and now i'm playing it forward! You're it, daaaaaaaarling! I tagged you for some Wikipedia fun. See my blog for details!

Cathy said...

I love the story that goes with this cloth. Since my Dad was in the hospital for 12 years earlier this year for 2 major surgeries..and my Mom is finishing up Chemo for her Non-hodgkin's Lympoma...I've got to make a couple of these and let them know the meaning behind it. Thank you for sharing not only the pattern, but the fabulous story behind it!

Here's to continued healing for the parents!

happy knitting,