Tuesday, February 20

On the Upswing

I absolutely love it - when now in the early mornig hours I can begin to see daylight tiptoe in earlier each day. It gives a mom a reason to hope~

I am progressing on my group KAL. My first that I will complete. I have been mostly lurking on the groups previous cloths. I ran behind the first few days of this KAL but managed to catch up last night. I looks great - although is a bit smaller than I have made in the past. I must be creating jumbo dishcloths! No wonder it takes me so darn long to finish them! The kids say that Nana can finish one in an hour! Hmmm... I must need lots of practice! One of my goals would be to have the ability to knit and read my Bible simultaneously. Guess I have a ways to go.

I have a cottage kitchen. These cloths are really perfect for my taste. Although I must admit that it took me a day or two to get used to washing my dishes with a "sweater". All is good now though! I even began a stash for my new cloths. I will reserve the select pieces for gifts. Of course they need to be given to the right person, for it is not everyone that appreciates a knit dishcloth. It only took me 18 years to see the beauty in them! :)

The other current project now on needle is the cloth from Mason Dixon. I am stumped on the first bobble. I need to drop a note to the girls on the board today... I will let you know if I can decipher things from that point...

Be back later. For now:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on thine own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct thy paths.

Proverbs: 5-6


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