Friday, February 16

Bag Lady

I am so excited! We received our Marucca order in at the shop. I was hoping that the large, new style bag would fit my needs for knitting and it is perfect! The new pattern, color and style of the bag is just right for me. It has a bottom which supports itself, is roomy and has the right length straps, too. I use the little accessory bag for my tip protectors, scissors, row counter, stitch markers and other knitting paraphernalia. 

Today starts the midmonth knit along with my group. I hope that I can keep up! It doesn't sound like much when we simply need to knit only 9 or so rows a day, but, they pile up if I get behind.

I began knitting a round cloth from Mason Dixon. I am stuck on the first bobble. I will have to research it before moving ahead. I just might have to ask the girls in my group. They are so helpful to all of us novices. Thanks girls! ;)


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