Friday, April 27

New Book Alert

I acquired a new book, and from the looks of it, even a novice knitter like me can handle these projects.

A good "next step" in knitting. I haven't spoken to anyone who directly knit from this book, yet, but Amazon reviews this quite favorably.

If you come across any great pattern ideas, I would love to hear about them. I am always on the lookout for something a bit different. Especially for unique dishcloth patterns. :)

I was speaking on "tweaking" my blog, yesterday. One of the tweaks that I enjoyed most - that would be fun even for the newbie - is creating a "favicon" for your blog. A favicon is an Icon that shows up in your web address when your site or blog is viewed in its web window. It helps to create a personality for your blog and sets it apart from other sites. It is so simple to do! Why not try it yourself? Here is the tutorial for it :

Adding Favicon icon to Blogger

This great little trick only takes a bit of time. Try it!

A busy weekend is planned for this family. Prom weekend. Boy, time passes in a flash. Did I say that before?

Don't forget to enjoy each moment. Be blessed today.



hakucho said...

That looks like a cute pattern book.
Thanks for the favicon tip...I'll have to try it when I get a few extra minutes :)

Happy weekend and happy knitting :)

Pani Thuly said...

I love your blog. It is a nice design. I should have guessed that you are some sort of designer!! I have never done any dishcloths, but your colorful ones really give me the desire to knit up a few.