Saturday, April 21

I'm Back!

It has been a while! Life has calmed down a bit and so I am able to take a moment to catch up here. I have been busy knitting, too!

I finally purchased the Mason Dixon  Knitting Book. If ever there was a great place to start the dual task of kitting and reading about knitting - it is here. What a fantastic book, combining instruction with life's bits of humor. The graphics in the book are wonderful! This is a book that you can pick up and read for small spaces of time without the need to remember where you left off. I highly recommend it! This is one book that I would love to carry in shop!

One of the first projects that I was able to conquer was the Mason Dixon six sided cloth. This is the cloth that I messed up on in the past. I finished it!

Here was my last attempt:

Here is the correct version:


Look Mom! No twists! I knit this using Peaches & Cream Pink Lemonade. What a yummy color combination. I placed an order on-line at

I was not disappointed. I can't wait to order again. I am finding more and more knitting sites on the web. A person could get lost for days at a time just on the knitting sites alone. Who cares if the dust mites are gathering around and the fur balls are blowing!

Here are some of the knitting blogs I have been visiting lately... and let me tell you. These are some very ambitious knitters. Maybe, when I grow up, I can be just like them! :)

Anyway... here they are:

That's all for now. I promise I will be back later. Hopefully yet today! Be blessed.


Lord, guide my steps today ...


hakucho said...

Your cloths are all so colorful!! The Mason Dixon cloth came out great in that colorway and it looks like it is laying nice and flat. I had trouble with the one I made!

happy knitting :)

Becca said...

Your dishcloth is great! I haven't attempted that one yet. As soon as I read "cast on however many bazillion stitches, being careful not to twist" I turned the page. I haven't seen the Pink Lemonade cotton, I love it!

Thanks for linking my blog and the nice words. I may be ambitious, but I make a lot of unusable items too! I could spend all day reading knitting blogs.

Malena - said...

I love your "twist" on the ballband - using various numbers of rows in many colors. The photo on the dishcloth knit-along - there's a round cloth peeking out. Which cloth is that? PS-glad to see you like to share your faith. Was reminded that everything will (eventually) be ok when I saw the verse - all things work . . .

Anonymous said...

Your cloths are beautiful! I love how the variegated yarn makes a spiral effect on the six-sided dishcloth. I've been wanting to try my hand at that pattern but wasn't truly inspired until now...Thanks!