Wednesday, February 7

Loosen Up A Little!

I finally finished my Lace Heart Cloth. My problem with this dishcloth was simply that I needed to loosen up my knitting! I am a tight knitter and I use bamboo needles, which makes the stitching on this cloth a bit more of a challenge (for a newbie knitter). As soon as I relaxed my grip - I found this cloth easier to work on.

What type of needles do you prefer to knit with? I love bamboo. They have the perfect balance of flexibility and firmness. Since I am an artist and often work with paint brushes, perhaps a similarity exists with the feel of bamboo needles and my brushes. I have seen many knitters knit these dishcloths on circular needles. I intend on trying them out soon.

In the distant future, I hope to try my hand at designing a dish cloth. I need a lot more work on my stitches first!

I have been knitting now for approximately one month. Here are some things that I have learned:

  • Long tail cast on works best for me.

  • I like to work the tail in on the first several stitches of the first knitted row. (Unless the tail will be used for a seam)

  • I like the even edges that is created by slipping the first stitch in every row.

  • I prefer Bamboo needles. Aluminum needles are too slippery and I do not like the sound! Acrylic needles are too stiff. Plastic needles are too mushy.

  • I prefer Lion or Peaches and Cream yarns. Sugar and Cream yarn has terrific colors but the yarn tends to split and unravel too easily.

  • I use my dishcloths! They have a way of brightening an entire kitchen!

  • A little bit of kitty fur never hurts anything. "Angora" cloths are nice!

I will soon be trying out Cotton Tots yarn. I have found that there is a severe lack of cotton yarns on the market. I would love to hear what brands of yarns you use.

Here is a sample of some of the personalized note cards that I create.


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