Wednesday, June 13

Hammock Days of Summer

Summer! What a wonderful week it has been - so much in contrast to our week of last, which was very cold and rainy. I do believe I could live and be perfectly content with these days all year long. Well, maybe it could rain a bit to keep things green... at night. I have said it before and I will say it for all of eternity... God is amazing!

Well, wouldn't you say that it is about time that I finally finished my Vineyard Dishcloth Pattern? This probably took me six weeks! Although very pretty and quite simple, it somehow took the back burner for these last many weeks. I finally decided to finish up a few UFO's and this was one of them. As I finish a few cloths that I have ... I wonder... will I EVER graduate beyond dishcloth knitting? In my mind, I have given myself a year of dishcloths to perfect my tension and stitches and to find my favorite tools. Will my attention span be able to take a larger piece? I hope so! But I can definitely see why other knitters follow with sweet little baby things. Perfectly small sized and dainty stitches.

Here is a photo of my now complete cloth. This dishcloth pattern can be found here and is entitled "Vignes". Remember, this site sometimes has high traffic and may not come up immediately - but keep trying!

Here is a tag that I designed to attach to my gifted cloths. It gives simple care instructions and adds a bit of charm to a gift as well. I will be posting this style tag and a few others for you to download if you should need to. A few knitters have inquired as to where they could be found  - so now you have it! These can be printed front and back, cut with your paper cutter or scissors and rounded with your corner die cut stamp. If you have any input or ideas - I would love to hear them. Is this at all useful for you?

Now I know that I promised to post my Alpha Stripe Dishcloth Pattern. I am so sorry that it is not here as of yet...but look for that within the next day or two at the very most. I simply have not had a large enough space of time to finish that project. I encountered a large problem with my beloved Illustrator program and I am trying to work around it. I can't thank you enough for taking the time to read my pages.

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Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many that go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.

Matthew 17:13-15



Karen said...

Oopsie! there's a typo on your tag... it should be "barely"... just a little case of the fingers being out of speed with the brain. Happens to me all the time. :) Love the cloth. It's beautiful!

CeElle said...

Thank you Karen! I fixed the picture temporarily. I will permanently fix it when I get home - now let me check my other files! Hmmm... perhaps I should hire you as my proofer!

A million hugs!


Love your use of color through out your cloths! I love your "Cottage Cloth" so thanks so much for posting the pattern for us dishcloth lovers!

I am so looking forward for you to post the care labels for us! So helpful and just what I've been looking for!

Thanks for visiting my blog too!
I've been wanting to take some time to design a few patterns, but as you can see, I am consumed with meeting my knitting deadlines! Up until now, it's been all knitting but I have a bad case of the design bug!

I'm adding you to my sidebar just to keep up with what YOU are up to!

hakucho said...

Your "Vignes" cloth is so pretty. Of course I'm very partial to greens :)
Cute tag. Every handmade cloth deserves a wonderful tag like that...I would love those be honest I'm not so you making them available for printing...that would be great... and just in time for Christmas, too :) Thanks !!

Lindy said...

I made the Vignes cloth too. I think it's so pretty! I did mine in tan, because I thought it looked more like wheat.