Wednesday, November 12

We need only look up


 Today is one of the more gloomy days in recent memory. This is the sort of day that can drain the energy right out of me. A sure cure, of course, would be to spend my day in a knitting retreat working with the brightest, sunniest yarn available. Ohhh, I long to do that! But, for now, my commitments lie elsewhere.

     Some of you may know (Linda, Leslie) that I also spend some of my time as a (starving) freelance artist. I am preparing a package of my work to send off to one of the companies where I hope to have my work published.

     ... so wish me luck! I could really use a few groceries!

     I do have a small reserve of knit cloths that I have been stowing away, however, to photograph and post when the daylight cooperates. I have been on a "story of white". And still to come, I am tying up ends on creating a hang tag for cotton baby knits that I promised so very long ago..


     ..and we only need look up.

     May you be terrifically blessed.



Wednesday, November 5

Its Anew

     A new day. A new start. For our country and why not for ourselves as well? I know that I need to be renewed. I thank our God for allowing each day to be fresh and clean.

I vowed during this sometimes  mostly vicious campaign season that whomever would win, I would get behind that person and join in the vision for our country and I will do that. We all watched history in the making!

How has everyone been? Why not take one day at a time and begin to slow down life. Let's simplify and value what we have.

I have spent several days moving some of the files from this blog over to a new server. The page loads so much better now. I just might be starting something here! I am giving thought to posting more regularly... what do you think? I'll try if you do.

This past week, I have valued what I have. I valued my good old tried and true Ballband pattern. OK, so I gave it a little twist. But I rather liked the way it turned out. This was knit by knitting each slipped stitch row offset by a single stitch. I think I'll have some more of these soon! There are rather addicting...

What do you think? It is really eye-catching. But, of course, the Ballband always has been hasn't it? In every one of the bazillion color combinations I have seen and tried. You've gotta love it! Plus, no better time to knit for those precious gift aways.

The Diagonal Ballband Dishcloth

- a variation of the classic

"I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit, for apart from Me you can do nothing.     John 15:5

Oh Lord, let me abide in you, Let me cast my worries on you for you O Lord, long to carry them.

May these days be blessed.


Tuesday, June 3

June is a month for graduates


I hope that all of you have been doing well and have been pressing on with joy! I have been contemplating my blog... desiring to write and create now and again... What has been going on in your lives?

Here is a hint as to what is happening here ... so I have been, and will continue to be... yes, busy! But, as I said, I'm getting closer to my return, as the desire is here.


     It appears that my blog is taking forever to load... I will have to get to the bottom of this...

     Thank you so much for your continuing support, words of encouragement and for your greetings. I hope that we can meet here very soon.~